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March 16, 2018 2 min read 1 Comment

Get the Free Instant Download of the Teacher Gifts Project Template!

Did you know the #1 gift that teachers like to receive from their students is a personal note. The second favorite teacher gift is something practical for the classroom.

We couldn't agree more! 

This year Teacher Appreciation Day is May 8th, though that whole week is celebrated as Teacher Appreciation Week. So we created a gift idea that teachers will love, and that students can help make. It's also customizable, and wouldn't be complete without a personal note!

Want to give a special thank you to your favorite teacher while having fun with your MYNT3D pen? Follow our project tutorial below for a DIY Post-It note holder for teachers.

3D printing pen TEACHER'S GIFTS -use the free printable project template from MYNT3D Great decorations for a classroom themed post-it note holder for Teacher appreciation week; great DIY project for students to make

Post-It Note Holder


• MYNT3D pen

•  Filament colors: black, white, pink, sky blue, sand, yellow, silver, red, green, wood

• Recommended: Poly carbonate sheet

DIY teacher appreciation week gif ideas using a 3D printing pen and free project template for a Post-It pad holder from MYNT3D

1. Start by heating the MYNT3D pen to 210 degrees C, for ABS filament.

2. Trace the outlines of the Post It Pad Holder template panels with black filament.

3. Fill in the design with the appropriate colors. 

TIP: For better results, break up large sections by drawing the lines and filling in color, rather than filling in solid color then adding the lines on top.

4. When drawing the apple on the bottom panel, also draw the smaller apple and set aside.

Say thank you to a teacher with a DIY gift that can be made with a 3D printing pen | Draw on your teacher's name for a custom, personalized gift | get the free project template from MYNT3D

5. Attach the the bottom panel and side panels using the 3D pen.

TIP: Use the side of box to assist with right angles.

6. Be sure side panel holes line up, and are wide enough to hold a pencil. 

Make DIY custom personalized teacher gifts with a 3D printing pen. Download the free project template that includes stencils for classroom motifs such as apples, number 2 pencils and lined writing paper

7. Draw on the name of your special teacher with white filament.

TIP: Slide the speed to a middle to low position for better control when drawing letters.

8. Attach the personalized apple to the back of the post it pad holder. 

The stencils in this template can be adapted to make other DIY teacher gifts such as: a key chain, lanyard pin, mini photo frame or luminary.

1 Response

Annabelle Y. Lott
Annabelle Y. Lott

June 19, 2018

Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! These stuff are so amazing and very useful.
Keep it up MYNT3D guys.

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