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March 09, 2018 2 min read

Get the Free Instant Download of the Super Mario Coloring Page Template!

It's-a Me, letting you know Mario Day is here! You know Mario—who could forget the cheery "woo-hoos!" of Nintendo's most beloved video game character?

He captured our hearts and minds since he was 8-bits of pixel jumping across abstract floating platforms, smashing similarly-floating bricks with his gloved hands.

Here's a fun fact...March 10th was named Mario Day because Mar10 looks like "Mario." Clever, right!

Well here is something that's also pretty clever - turning coloring book pages into 3D pen art. 

Printing pens have been described as a way to "bring a drawing to life," and "bring drawings off the page." With this 3D pen technique, you can transform your flat, 2D drawings into vertical art forms. Which is exactly what we're going to do with Mario in honor of his special day.

And guess what, it is easy and fun to get Super Mario to jump off your coloring page. Woo-hoo!

3D printing pen Super Mario Kart project template can bring coloring pages to life | great decoration for Nintendo birthday party theme

3D Super Mario Coloring Page


• MYNT3D pen

•  Filament colors: black, white, red, blue, sand, brown, yellow

• Recommended: Poly carbonate sheet

• Toilet paper roll or rolled up card stock

• Pencil

• Plastic tape

3d Super Mario drawing with MYNT3D printing pen and free project template

1. Start by tracing the outline of the Super Mario Project Stencil with black filament.

2. Load white and fill in gloves, hat logo and eyes, followed by sand for the face. 

3. Coil the filament around the nose until it is a round ball on the face.

4. Switch to red for the shirt and hat. 

5. To make the hat brim 3D, trace the brim curve on the template - back and forth a couple times, and remove. 

6. Place the brim curve line on a toilet paper roll and use a pencil to draw the brim shape. Cover the area with plastic tape. Then draw the brim shape with the 3D printing pen.

TIP: You may need to press down on the TP roll so the curve bends to match the curve of the brim line.

7. Remove the brim from the roll and attach in place on your Mario drawing.

Super Mario 3D drawing coloring page template from MYNT3D | Best beginner kids project with 3D printing pen | Make art, party decorations and fun activities for boys, girls, Nintendo fans

8. Finish filling in the drawing with yellow buttons and blue pants. Leave the brown filament for last.

9. Fill in the brown hair. 

10. Draw the shoes separately.

11. Attach shoes perpendicular to the bottom of the pants. 

TIP: Leave a little of the shoe piece sticking out on the back side to improve balance. Draw on any filament needed to make Mario stand upright.

Not only is this a fun activity to do with kids, your vertical drawing can be used as a decoration for a Mario Kart themed bedroom or birthday party!

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