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April 10, 2018 3 min read 1 Comment

Get the Free Instant Download of the Star Wars Templates!

Celebrate Star Wars Day on May the 4th by making lightsabers, battle planes and your favorite characters from a galaxy far, far away. Star Wars has been around for decades, delighting us with planets, machines and battle gear like no other. Now we challenge you to use your MYNT3D pen to bring to life these iconic fighter jets and sabers.

May the force be with you as you embark on these Jedi inspired 3D pen projects!

Star Wars 3D pen projects with free project template to make lightsabers, Empire's tie wing fighter and Luke Skywalker's X wing plane | May the force be with you as you make these DIY projects for kids room or birthday party decoration ideas

DIY Star Wars Projects


MYNT3D pen

• Filament colors from the Super 32 pack of ABS: black, grey, sky blue, fluorescent red, luminous green (glow in the dark), luminous blue

• Recommended: Poly carbonate sheet

• Bamboo skewer or toothpick

• Marble

• Sticky tack

Mini Star Wars lightsabers made with the MYNT3d printing pen

Mini Lightsabers

1. Trace over the lightsaber handle with black filament. Go back and forth to create depth. Flip over and add depth to the other side.

2. Coil black filament around one end of the handle. This will make it easier to attach the blade.

3. Dab on shiny buttons onto the handle.

4. Zig zag glow in the dark or red filament for the lightsaber "blade."

5. Use sticky tack to stand the handle upright while you attach the blade. Stick the blade in the handle coil and draw on filament to attach.

How to make a Star Wars Tie Wing Fighter with a 3D printing pen | Free project template from MYNT3D the best 3d pen | Learn beginner and advanced crafts

Tie Wing Fighter

1. Trace the outline of the wings with grey filament; fill in with black filament.

2. Use a pinch of sticky tack to attach to a marble - so you can hold onto it. Wind filament around half of the marble. TIP: It's easier to wind around the area where the sticky tack is, then move the sticky tack to the other side, fill in the hole. Repeat with a second half.

3. Connect the 2 halves with the 3D pen.

4. Position the ball about 1" above the center of one of the wings. Draw to connect the two pieces.




Star Wars May the 4th Craft Project ideas with the MYNT3D printing pen. Make the Empire Strike's Back tie wing fighter project with the free stencil template.

5. Hold the second wing 1" above the ball and draw to connect. Be sure the wings are parallel and positioned at the same angle.

6. Add the geometric detailing of the tie fighter's front window.

7. Dab 2 red dots, equal distance apart, below the window detailing.

The Empire is ready to Strike Back!

Free 3D pen project template for Star Wars X wing fighter plane from MYNT3D

Jedi X Wing Fighter

1. Trace over the parts of the X-Wing fighter on the project template with grey filament.

2. For the small cylinders, layer filament back and forth; flip and repeat.

3. For the large cylinders, wind filament around a toothpick. Then fill in by drawing back and forth horizontally. Remove the toothpick.

4. Connect the large and small cylinders so that you have 4 sets. These are the plane engines.

5. Use sticky tack to hold 2 wings in V formation. Attach at the seam using the 3D pen. Repeat with other 2 wings.

6. Attach an engine on the outer wing area, near the seam, above and below on each wing set.

Star Wars X wing fighter 3D printing projects with free stencil template from MYNT3D Step by step tutorial to make an advanced Jedi battle plane

7. Use a small ball of sticky tack to position the middle body layer above the bottom body piece. Connect with the 3D pen. TIP: Be sure to remove the sticky tack before completely drawing around it.

8. Repeat. above technique when adding the top (smallest) body layer.

9. Draw an angled line from the edge of the top layer to the tip of the bottom layer on each side. Fill in the long triangular sides of the plane.

10. Fill in the top, leaving the window area open.

11. Add an extra layer or two of filament around the nose cone area of the front tip of the vessel.

How to draw a Star Wars X wing fighter with a 3D printing pen. Create a 3D Jedi battle plane with free printable templates from MYNT3D

12. Attach each wing set on either side of the fighter jet body, creating the X formation.

13. Draw the 4 wing guns in black filament and attach to the ends of each wing.

14. Fill in the front engine holes and window area with black filament.

15. Switch to the fluorescent red filament to add detailing to the sides and wings of the fighter plane. Dab a dot on the back of the engine jets.

16. With sky blue filament circle on R2D2's head and a couple accent dots to the top of the vessel.

17. Finally, draw on the window frame in grey or black, and fill in with transparent filament.

Star Wars Jedi X wing fighter 3D pen tutorial and project template from MYNT3D | Birthday party ideas and bedroom decoration or fun kids activity using a 3D printing pen

Here is some more Star Wars inspiration for Mynters: R2D2 and Yoda, two of the most beloved franchise characters!
r2D2 character from Star Wars made with the MYNT3D printing pen
Star Wars Yoda character made with the MYNT3D printing pen | Featured Artist customer project

1 Response

Diane McGrath
Diane McGrath

April 10, 2018

Ships and figures are amazingly accurate. Directions are precise. Looks like fun project for adults and kids together on a rainy day or school holiday. Looking forward to more👏

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