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October 26, 2017 2 min read

Get the Free Instant Download of the Puppy Dog Project Template!

Whether you're a dog lover or ready to take on a fun, new 3d printing pen project, MYNT3D is going to help you create man's best friend in 3D miniature! 

Since there are so many dog breeds, we wanted to give a basic 4-legged friend template to work from, and you can adjust the tail, ears, leg lengths and fur colors to match the dog or puppy of your preference.

3D Printing Pen Dog Tutorial

3D printing pen dog template on how to make man's best friend | Basic instructions that can be modified for many different dog breeds | Learn now


MYNT3D professional printing pen

1.75mm filament in colors that match your dog's fur 

A photo of your dog or favorite dog for reference

Learn how to make a puppy dog using the MYNT3D printing pen. Easy, fun gift for hours of creativity and no screen time. Technology without the screen.

1. Start by downloading the Puppy Dog Project Template. Use your printer settings to scale template if desired. 

2. Start heating your 3D pen. When it reaches the proper temperature, load the base filament color.

3. Trace over the outer edge of the body torso of the dog. Circle around layering the filament vertically as you gradually decrease the coil circumference.

4. Flip the body section over. Stabilize it on your surface with a pinch of sticky tack. Repeat the conical coiling on the other side until you've reach the desired width of your dog.

5. Trace the legs on the template, then attach. Use the 3D pen to add dimension and form. Draw on the paw pads.

3D printing pen dog template and tutorial from MYNT3D

6. Trace over the face, repeating the coiling technique for the nose and mouth area. NOTE: at this point, don't worry about having the profile fully formed. 

7. Repeat coiling for the back of the head and connect the 2 halves.

8. Connect head and tail piece to the body.

9. Now that the structure is complete, move on to the detailing.

How to make a dog with a 3D printing pen | Create a replica of a real dog or custom puppy toy with the MYNT3D free project template

10. Switch filament colors to customize your dog to your desired fur colors. 

11. At this point you'll want to build up the nose profile and fill in any filament gaps.

12. Carefully draw on the facial features.

13. Don't forget to make a toy for your dog! We included a shoe template in the free printable PDF.

Best gift for dog lovers! Make your own dog replica or figurine of your favorite dog with the MYNT3d printing pen. Customize all the features and get the full instructions with free template and video tutorial from MYNT3D.com projects page

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