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October 19, 2017 2 min read

Get the Free Instant Download of the Halloween Craft Projects Template!

According to the American Society for Surgery of the Hand (ASSH), Halloween is one of the top three holidays for causing emergency room visits. The majority of the injuries coming from:

  • pedestrian traffic accidents
  • hand and finger lacerations
  • fire from jack-o-lantern candles
To help protect yourself from these avoidable injuries, we've created a couple projects for Halloween safety!

3D Pen Project: Hands-Free Flashlight Holder
Be safe this Halloween - make a hands-free flashlight holder for trick or treating safety get the 3D printing pen project instructions from MYNT3D


MYNT3D professional printing pen

1.75mm filament in a festive color. For this project, we recommend ABS for its strength.

Card Stock

To add decorative embellishements, download the Halloween Crafts FREE Template. Use your printer settings to scale the template if desired. 

DIY flashlight holder necklace for Halloween safety - made with the MYNT3D printing pen

1. Start by rolling the cardstock around your mini flashlight to make a form template.

2. Heat your 3D pen. When it reaches the proper temperature, load ABS filament.

3. Then begin winding the filament around the paper tube, gradually working your way up.

4. Draw over your base filament to make your structure more sturdy. We used a basic brick pattern. TIP: Be sure to have a way to add string so it can be worn like a necklace or tied to the handle of your treat bag.

5. Remove the cardstock.

6. Draw the bottom of the holder.

Optional: Add a decorative pumpkin or ghost to the outside of the flashlight holder.

Safety first this Halloween with a DIY flashlight holder for trick or treating. Get the 3D pen project instructions at MYNT3D. Download the free template for adding pumpkins or ghosts decorations to your craft

3D Pen Project: No-Carve Pumpkin Idea

No carve pumpkin decorating idea to make with a 3D printing pen: Be safe from cuts and lacerations from jack-o-lantern carving

Lacerations caused from carving pumpkins accounted for 33.3% of the finger and hand injuries sustained on Halloween.

To avoid this scary statistic, we have a no-carve solution! We're using the 3D printing pen to draw a spider web over our pumpkin.

1. Start by making a square with your 3D pen. Make sure it's large enough to slip over the pumpkin stem.

2. Slide the square over the stem and begin drawing radial lines away from the square and around curve of the pumpkin. You'll want to double back over the lines to make them thicker.

Halloween safety tips for kids and adults | no carve pumpkins craft ideas | 3D printing pen projects for Fall

3. Then draw a spiral, starting at a corner of your square, touching on the radial lines as you circle around the pumpkin.

4. Draw and attach a little (or big!) spider to the web with the MYNT3D pen.

Note: We used luminous filament on one of pumpkins. Glow-in-the-dark is a safe alternative to using candles, which in another cause of injury on Halloween.

Have a happy and safe Halloween!

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