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June 06, 2017 3 min read

Get the Free Instant Download of the Beach-themed Projects Template!

Catch a wave of summertime crafty inspiration with the MYNT3D beach accessories projects. These fresh projects are perfect for planning a pool party, decorating a beach house and everything in between.

Let's start by making a 3D blue whale.

IDEA: You can make this simply as decoration, but if you want to give it a purpose like holding down the napkins, add weights such as metal lures or marbles when you attach the two halves together. 

Summer kids craft 3D printing pen whale project from MYNT3D


1. MYNT3D printing pen

2. Blue, black and white 1.75mm filament

3. Play dough modeling compound

4. Clear tape

Make 3D pen art with the help of play dough to create a form to work from. Easy and fun projects for beginners from MYNT3D

1. Start by downloading the Beach-themed Projects Template. Use your printer settings to scale template if desired. 

2. Form play dough to make the whale's body shape, based on the template outline.

3. Start heating your 3D pen. When it reaches the proper temperature, load blue filament.

4. Begin winding the filament around the head of the whale, going no further than the widest part of the form. 

5. Repeat with the other, narrow end of the body form. The whale body will be created as two pieces that get connected together by crossing back and forth over the seam area with the 3D pen.

How to make 3D printing pen objects using forms, templates and attaching pieces with the MYNT3D pen

6. Trace the whale tail and flippers from the template, filling them in evenly.

7. Flip the tail to the backside. Repeat with another layer of filament while pressing down to form a curve in the tail as the piece is heated. This will contour the tail so that in can attach to the curved underside of the body form.

8. Attach the flippers and tail to the whale body.

9. Trace the eyes starting with the white.

10. While the white is loaded in the pen, trace the water splashes.

11. Attach the two larger splashes to the top of the whale head. Attach the smaller splashes perpendicular to the larger ones.

12. Load the black filament into the pen to finish filling in the eyes. Then attach the eyes to the whale face with an outline of black filament.

Summer crafts like boat anchor, surf board, beach umbrella, sand shovel, watermelon flip flops all made with the MYNT3D printing pen, go to the projects page on the website to download the free template
1. Surfboard - trace template for board and fin. Attach fin to back side of board.
Idea: Try designing your own surf board graphics for a really cool surfer display!
2. Watermelon flip flops - trace and fill in the shoe area. Dab black dots randomly for the seeds. With the green filament, stack two vertical dabs on the upper part of the shoe where the bands will attach. Trace the bands, then attach to the front dabs, and sides of shoe.
3. Sand Shovel - Trace and fill in the template. Trace around outer edge of the shovel part to create sides/depth.
4. Beach Umbrella - Form a dome out of play dough and cover in tape. Draw on wedges of color with an inverted scallop at the bottom. Alternate colors as you add more wedges like a pie. Remove from the form when completely covered and filled in with color wedges. Add a straight piece to the center.
5. Anchor - Trace and fill in the template. Remove from surface. Flip and fill in back side for optimal form.

Get the Free Instant Download of the Beach-themed Projects Template!

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