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May 31, 2017 2 min read

Want to have sprinkles of fun making 3D donuts? Celebrate National Doughnut Day on June 2nd, or just make some decorating, kid's play kitchens, birthday parties and costumes!
There are so many donut flavors, styles and shapes that you can go crazy with creativity on this project!

The Iconic Frosting and Sprinkles Donut

For this tutorial, let's stick to the basics with the classic donut that has invaded pop culture on everything from bike bells to headbands to swimming pool floats. 
The donut motif is so ubiquitous that you had to see the 3D faux-nut coming.
Am I right?
Supplies needed to make donuts with a 3D printing pen | visit the MYNT3D projects blog see how!



MYNT3D professional printing pen

Tan, Pink, brown and assorted bright colored 1.75mm filament

Play dough modeling compound

Clear tape

creating 3D printing pen donuts from MYNT3D, classic iconic decor or play food that you can DIY

1. Start by shaping the play dough into size and shape you want your donut to be. This will be your form. 

2. Wrap your form in clear tape.

3. After loading the light tan colored filament, begin rotating it around the widest part of the form. It will be like wrapping a string of plastic around the outer ring of the donut. Repeat several times.

4. Set the form down, and drape filament over it, going from the inner, donut hole to the outer ring. The filament will not stick to the tape. It will begin to take form by crossing over other pieces of filament and melting at the cross section. You want to create a web-like structure of the top half of the donut form.

How to make 3D printing pen fake food with MYNT3D techniques and tutorial for easy projects

5.Then remove the top half and repeat, creating the bottom half of the donut structure.

TIP: If you fill in too much of the structure while it's on the form, it will be difficult to flex the sides to match up when attaching them together in the next step.

6. Join the two halves of the donut structure together working the 3D pen back and forth to make a seam.

7. Fill in the bottom/dough part. Create a wavy border where the “frosting” will meet the dough.

8. Fill in the frosting part. Let the filament wave and drape into the center.

DIY fake food for play kitchen, decorating and costumes made with a MYNT3D printing pen

9. Put on the final touches with sprinkles. There are 2 ways you can do this: 

a. Cut tiny segments of filament and glue onto your donut.

b. Draw on the sprinkles with your MYNT3D printing pen.

They look so delicious! Making donuts has never been so guiltless. 


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