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January 19, 2018 3 min read

Get the Free Instant Download of the Valentine's Day Project Templates!

Love is in the air...and this means you can express your love with cute and practical 3D pen crafts.

Our line up of Valentine projects has inspiration for all ages and relationships.

Whether you're spending this special day with your main squeeze or celebrating with your BFFs, give it a personal touch. A handmade gift or decoration "mynted" by you always sends the message of thoughtfulness.

And with the free project template, there are plenty of designs to choose from - or put your own spin on them. 

Valentine's Day wine charm supplies for DIY stemmed glass markers with love theme

DIY Wine Glass Charms


• MYNT3D pen

• Festive filament colors

• Metal wire

• Needle-nose pliers

• Beads

• Cylindrical object (like a marker) for shaping wire

Valentine theme wine glass charms made with a 3D printing pen perfect girlfriend gift or decoration - get the free downloadable template from MYNT3D

1. Start by downloading the Valentine Projects Template. Use your printer settings to scale template if desired. 

2. Start heating your 3D pen. When it reaches the proper temperature, load filament color of your choice, ahem, pink. 

3. Begin tracing the template. 

4. Add a little loop on the top or back by drawing over the tip of a pencil.

5. Cut a piece of wire 2.5" - 3" long. Wrap around your cylindrical object, overlapping the ends.

6. Use the needle-nose pliers to twist a tiny loop on one end of the hoop.

7. Insert beads and 3D pen charm onto the open end of the hoop.

8. Curl open end of hoop so that it hooks into the loop on the other end.

supplies needed to make a 3D pen love bird for Valentine's Day decorating

Love Bird


• MYNT3D pen

• Filament colors: blue, pink, orange, black and brown

• Play dough

• Needle-nose pliers

• Transparent Tape

3D printing pen love birds Valentine Holiday art -use the free printable project template from MYNT3D Great decorations for a Valentine party

1. Start by sculpting your play dough into the shape and desired size of your love bird. 

2. Cover the play dough form in clear tape.

3. Begin winding your filament around one half of your form, criss crossing to take shape. Repeat with the second half and join. 

4. Fill in the filament gaps, and draw in areas to achieve proper shape.

5. Trace the heart wings from the template. Attach to sides of the love bird.

6. Trace feet and legs on template. Attach each leg and foot at a 90 degree angle. Hold legs with needle-nose pilers and attach to bottom of bird. Note: you may need to adjust leg placement so that bird weight is balanced and can stand on legs.

7.Trace beak. Hold beak with needle-nose pilers and attach to front of bird.

8. Draw on the eyes with black filament.

Specialty 3D pen filament that changes color in sunlight makes this a top secret Valentine message sent as conversation hearts made for a spy

Top Secret Conversation Hearts

These extra special conversation hearts are made for the spy decoder in the family! Made with photo sensitive filament that changes color between indoor light and sun light, these keep your messages private, until they are revealed by the sunlight. 

These are really fun for school age children! Make them for a healthy alternative to Valentine candy in the classroom.

3D printing pen Valentines candy alternative conversation hearts that change colors when exposed to sunlight. Get all 5 3d pen project templates to made DIY decorations, classroom Valentines for students and gifts for friends from MYNT3D

1. Load color-changing filament into your MYNT3D pen. 

2. Trace the heart stencil on the template. Repeat to make as many as you want.

3. Switch to a filament color that matches one of the colors in your color - changing filament. We used white to purple and (regular) white filaments. 

4. Draw on your love or friendship message.

Message Ideas:

  • Text Me
  • BFF
  • LUV U
  • LOL
  • XOXO
  • UR Cool

5. Switch back to the color changing filament to draw another layer around the lettering.

NOTE: Reverse the process to make the heart a steadfast color and the message to appear in the color-changing filament.

3D printing pen Valentine's Day friendship beads template and tutorial | DIY Holiday craft ideas from MYNT3D | Best gift idea for kids and crafters

Friendship Beads

Use the small stencils on the project template to make friendship beads for your shoelaces or bracelets. 

When I was a kid, beads on our sneaker shoelaces was all the rage - but we had to attach them with safety pins. With a 3D printing pen, you can literally create custom beads and draw them onto your shoes to attach.

This is a great project for a girl's birthday party, BFF get together or to trade with friends.

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