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3D Printing Pen Luminaries

January 29, 2018

3D Printing Pen Luminaries

Get the Free Instant Download of the  Luminary Templates!

We are excited to present this project because we know it will inspire so much creativity! Seriously from the use of transparent filaments to the endless design possibilities, DIY lighting and 3D printing pens are a perfect match.

For the projects demonstrated here, we used electronic, no-flame tea lights that are widely available at dollar stores. They typically measure a little more than 2" in diameter, making them perfect for small starter projects.

Included in the free, downloadable template are 3 small tea light votive size holders, and the mini shade template - blank and bird design.

The template is sized to make a luminary shade for a wine glass. The battery-operated tea light sits in the wine glass, covered with the 3D printing pen shade.

3D printing pen luminaries -use the free printable project template from MYNT3D and new transparent filament colors that look like stained glass - Great decorations for wine and garden parties

DIY Wine Glass Luminary


• MYNT3D pen

•  PETG transparent filaments + black filament

• Cardstock

• Clear tape

• Flameless candle (electronic tea light)

• Wine glass

DIY lampshade template for 3D printing pen, custom lighting ideas for flameless candles, luminaries from MYNT3D

1. Start by downloading the Luminary Project Templates. Use your printer settings to scale template if desired. Print on cardstock.

2. Decide which template design you're using. If you're using the blank template, draw your design on the blank template. 

3. Tape the template seams together. Then cover the entire lamp shade form in clear tape so the filament can be removed when you're finished.

4. Start heating your 3D pen. When it reaches the proper temperature, load black filament. 

5. Begin tracing the design outline or shadow areas. 

3D printing pen FREE template luminaries DIY lighting mini lampshade project looks like painting, custom art with functional purpose

6. Load the PETG filament to create the faux stained glass areas of the design. If you were using black ABS filament, you'll need to lower the 3D pen temperature to 175 C. If it seems too thick raise the temperature (about 180) or too hot, lower to about 170.

7. When your design is complete, remove the paper template form from inside the lamp shade. 

8. Set a flameless candle in a wine glass and place your lamp shade on top. 

Note: Follow the same instructions to make small luminaries for around an electronic votive.

Faux stained glass 3D printing pen luminaries for flameless tea candles with free project template. How to make DIY lighting decor

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