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May 15, 2018 2 min read

Get the Free Instant Download of the Superhero Gifts Project Template!

We all want to give dad the appreciation he deserves for all his hard work and big hugs. He's the guy who has shoulders to lean on and who's been known to save the day.

This Father's Day, celebrate dad for the superhero that he is with some beginner 3D projects that can be made into lots of practical gift ideas for a dads, step-dads, grandpas or Godfathers. 

3d printing pen father's day gift ideas | Download the free template stencils for Superman, Batman and Spiderman to make gold ball markers | Great beginner project ideas

3D Pen Golf Ball Markers

For all the golf dads, this easy, beginner project makes a practical gift, and a special way to remember a loved one when dad is out on the golf course. Many golfers prefer a completely flat ball marker, and others like to be able to clip it onto their pocket or the brim of their hat. Either version can be made with a 3D pen. 


MYNT3D pen

• Filament colors from the Super 32 pack of ABS: fluorescent red, yellow, fluorescent blue, black

• Scissors

Father's Day gift ideas made with a MYNT3D 3D printing pen

1. Start by heating the MYNT3D pen to 210 degrees C, for ABS filament. Load black filament.

2. Trace the outline of the superhero logo. TIP: For small, detailed outlines like Spiderman and Superman, it is easier to trace directly on the paper template.

3. Fill in the colored portions of the images. For Spiderman, remove the web face portion from the paper, flip over and fill in red on the back side. 

4. To make the clips on the back, start by drawing 2 small squares flat on the back side.

5. Roll a strip of paper and flatten to the depth needed for your clip. Brim clips will be deeper than pocket clips.

6. Place the paper roll slightly over the 2 squares and draw up and over in an arch to form 2 identical clip pieces.

DIY father's day gift ideas using a 3D printing pen and free project template for Superman, Spiderman, Batman wine stoppers from MYNT3D

DIY Wine Stoppers

Preserve Dad's wine in style with these upcycled wine bottle stoppers!

1. Start by following the instructions above for making the superhero logos.

2. Take a recycled wine cork (or plain, purchased wine stopper) and trace the top circle onto a pice of paper.

3. Fill in the circle with your MYNT3D pen. 

4. Hold the circle piece on top of the cork and draw on sides going down about a half inch around the cork.

5. Coil filament on the top center of the cork piece. 

6. Place the superhero logo piece onto the coiled dab from Step 5. Use your 3D pen to connect the logo piece onto the cork wine stopper piece. Be sure to generously reinforce the connection.

3d printing pen beginner projects with free template stencil and techniques for getting started with a 3D pen | Kids crafts for boys

There are many more Father's Day gift ideas that can be made using our superheroes template!

  • add a magnet to the back
  • attach a keychain
  • glue on a photo clip
  • draw onto a tie clip or money clip

Looking for something totally different? Check out our mustache phone stand project tutorial.

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