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April 23, 2018 2 min read

Get the Free Instant Download of the Graduation Gifts Templates!

As far as gift ideas go, money and gift cards get a bad wrap. Many people think they're lame, lazy and thoughtless. But ask any boy or girl graduating from middle school, high school or college and they'll tell you otherwise.

Now, we'll admit handing over cash can seem a little cold, so we came up with some creative money holders with a graduation theme.

And if you're not giving money or a gift card, these 3D pen projects make really great party decorations.

Congratulations Class of 2018!

Graduation gift ideas | Mony holders and decorations for grads made with a 3D printing pen get the free printable templates from MYNT3D | Grammar school middle school high school college appropriate

DIY Grad Gift Idea Projects


MYNT3D pen

• Filament colors from the Super 32 pack of ABS: black, white, yellow gold

• Recommended: Poly carbonate sheet

• Bamboo skewers or toothpicks

• Scissors

• Clear plastic tape

3D printing pen Graduation crafts and money holder gift card ideas for kids and students - diploma

Diploma Money Holder

1. Cut out and roll the diploma template

2. Apply clear, plastic tape over the entire paper roll, making it easier to separate from the filament in later steps.

3. Draw on white filament, winding around the rolled form and vertically back and forth until you have a white cylinder.

4. Remove paper form and fill in any filament gaps.

5. Draw a rectangle the height of the diploma and about 1.5" wide. Connect to the cylinder from step 3. 

6. Next trace over the bow template in a single layer. Lay down a toothpick on each side and draw over it to create the loops of the bow.

7. For the ribbons below the bow, set two toothpicks a short distance apart, perpendicular to the angle of the ribbon template. Draw over the toothpicks, following the template as a guide. 

3D printing pen Grad gifts crafts and decoration ideas for kids and students free project template from MYNT3D | Best 3D printing pen

Graduation Cap Gift Card Holder

1. Trace and fill in the graduation cap top template with black filament, or color of choice.

2. Trace and fill in the bottom template. Note: You don't need this to be solid because it's on the underside and won't be seen.

3. Draw a shallow edge on 3 sides of the underside of the cap top.

4. Connect the cap top and bottom on the three sides with edges, leaving the side with the thumb cutout open. 

Make DIY custom personalized graduation gifts with a 3D printing pen. Download the free project template that includes stencils for a diploma and grad cap

5. Coil black filament around the headpiece template until the coil is about 1/4" high.

6. Hold a toothpick slightly above the coil and draw up and over it. Repeat on opposite side. This will create pointed sides of the headpiece.

7. Attach to the bottom of the square cap board. 

8. Insert the gift card.

9. Switch to gold, or preferred tassel color. Draw the tassel per the project template.

10. Next draw a line from the center of the cap top towards the open edge. Extend the line over the edge at a right angle. 

11. Attach the tassel.

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