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June 04, 2018 2 min read

Get the Free Instant Download of the Patriotic Pie and Popsicle Templates!

Summer is almost here and so are our patriotic holidays...and with them come celebrating with food and family. 

So MYNT3D wants to kick off the season with a couple foodie projects to whet your 3D pen appetite. And what better way than with some yummy desserts.

In this 3D printing pen tutorial we are going to introduce a new technique to achieve a more realistic look using our PETG translucent filaments.

3D printing pen fake food Patriotic desserts 4th of July crafts for kids | Get the free project template stencil from MYNT3D to make a popsicle

3D Pen Popsicles


MYNT3D pen

• Filament colors from the Super 32 pack of ABS: red, white and blue

• PLA wood filament

• Toothpicks

• Sticky tack

How to make striped popsicles with a 3D printing pen. Fun activity for the classroom or summer camp. Kids love to make fake food. Get the free project template stencil from MYNT3D

  1. To get started download our free template and trace the popsicle form with white filament.
  2. Follow the template guide for the stripes, leaving the center sections open.
  3. Flip the popsicle sides over, lay toothpicks over the holes and draw over them in the corresponding stripe colors.
  4. Then remove the toothpicks.

3D pen popsicle project tutorial from MYNT3D with free template stencil. 2 Patriotic desserts to make for flag day and the fourth of July

5. Trace and fill in the bottom piece of the popsicle template with white filament.

6. Draw the popsicle stick with PLA wood filament and attach to the bottom popsicle piece.

7. Attach the bottom piece to the popsicle front and back. Then fill in the sides with the appropriate stripe color.

Cheers for the Red White and Blue!

Lattice Cherry Pie Fake Food 4th of July Craft Project ideas with the MYNT3D printing pen. Make patriotic dessert projects with the free stencil template.

3D Pen Cherry Pie


MYNT3D pen

• Blue Filament from the Super 32 pack of ABS

• PLA wood filament

• Red PETG Translucent Filament

• Clear Tape

3D printing pen fake food lattice cherry pie tutorial with free printable stencil template from MYNT3D | Patriotic kids crafts for STEM, STEAM, tech class, camp - screen free activities for summer

1. For the cherry pie, layer wood filament over the curves of the pie crust temple.

2. Apply clear tape over the lattice template and carefully draw the top crust, going over and under with the weave.

3. To get a more realistic look for the cherry pie filling, layer blue ABS filament under translucent red PETG filament.

4. For added dimension, coil the PETG red filament for cherries in the filling.

3D printing pen realistic fake food lattice cherry pie project | Patriotic desserts and craft ideas for Memorial Day, Flag Day, Fourth of July with free printable project template and video tutorial

5. Attach the filling sides to the top crust, being sure to cover any blue filament.

6. Draw the back piece of pie crust and attach.

7. Last, draw a thin line of wood filament on the sides for the bottom crust.

Wait!!! Pie is not complete without a dollop of whipped cream.

8. Trace the 2 circles on the template and fill in with white filament.

9. Position the smaller circle angled onto the larger circle using sticky tack, and connect.

10. Draw the pen up to create a pointed tip above the smaller circle.

11. Fill in with strokes that spiral around the creamy peek.

 Now that’s a project your friends and family will drool over!

Fake food made with a 3D printing pen | Make DIY play pie, cake, fruits vegetables and more with a 3D pen | Download free printable templates from MYNT3D, the best 3D pen for home, school and camps

Did you know many restaurants use fake desserts for display purposes - and that those fake desserts cost hundreds of dollars! 

If you you were ever considering making money on commissioned 3D pen art, fake food is a great idea! There are Mynters who already sell their 3D pen creations. 

How cool is that?!

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